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Aims & Ethos

Our mission is to create a friendly, supportive environment which encourages mutual trust and respect amongst all members of the school community where all are valued for their contributions and where all have a sense of belonging.

We seek to be a happy, caring and stimulating community where an ambitious academic curriculum, excellent pastoral care and a rich breadth of opportunities combine to provide a first-class education for every pupil.

To achieve this, we aim:

  • To develop happy, self-confident children;
  • To inculcate a love of learning and develop enquiring minds;
  • To identify and nurture in each child their individual skills and talents to enable them to achieve their potential;
  • To provide high quality education which fully prepares children for the next stage of their learning;
  • To develop individuals who respect others and who understand the value of good manners and courtesy;
  • To engender in all pupils a sense of pride in their school, a respect for their environment and an involvement with the wider community;
  • To provide opportunities in creative and performing arts;
  • To provide sporting and physical activities and an understanding and awareness of teamwork and sportsmanship.

The College of St George