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Strategic Plan

St George’s School was founded in 1348 to educate the choristers of St George’s Chapel, and in doing so, provide a quality education that would prepare pupils for their next stage in life.

This continues to be our mission in the 21st century for the girls and boys now in our school.

We want to ensure that the excitement of learning and discovery remains an integral part of all our pupils’ lives by providing a fully rounded education based on academic excellence.

We are pleased to set out here an outline of the strategy for our school for the next five years. The Governing Council, together with the Head and key members of our commuity, have discussed in detail what we do well, what we can do better, and how we can continue to pursue excellence for the benefit of our pupils, their families and our staff. We are grateful to everyone who participated in this process.

Four main areas have been identified as being of strategic importance, representing our strengths and aspirations: A Great School, Great Music, Great Community and Great Support. What follows is a brief summary of our goals for these areas.

The School’s Senior Leadership Team will now build on these principles. A range of documents will emerge over the coming months as we endeavour to make our strategy real. We hope you will support us in our effort to secure a vibrant and sustainable future for our school.

St George’s School Governing Council

Image of the Lower school playing sports- St George's School Windsor

A Great School: A place to learn and develop

We strive to be an excellent, non-selective Preparatory School, focused on academic achievement. We offer a modern and relevant Prep school experience for boys and girls aged 3 to 13, with provision for both day and boarding pupils. To bring out the best in our pupils we will offer:

  • An innovative, broad and rigorous curriculum
  • Continual assessment of teaching and learning
  • A personalised approach to securing appropriate Senior School places

We want our pupils to benefit from a fully-rounded education where personal development goes hand-in-hand with academic excellence. To achieve this we will provide our pupils with:

  • Comprehensive pastoral care which promotes and develops emotional wellbeing throughout their time in our school community
  • An exciting range of extra-curricular activities where individual interests and talents can flourish
  • Sports opportunities aimed at enhancing physical wellbeing, teamwork, leadership and enjoyment

Image of a student with science equipment - St George's School Windsor

Great Music: The strength of our heritage

Music has always been at the heart of St George’s School and continues to breathe life into our daily routine, helping promote happiness, confidence and achievement. Building on strong musical foundations as the school for the Choristers of St George’s Chapel – and firm in the belief that music has far-reaching effects on a child’s academic and personal life – we aim to inspire a love and understanding of music by:

  • providing excellent teaching in all disciplines of music
  • ensuring every child enjoys a musical journey in which they achieve personal success
  • further developing our school-wide choral tradition alongside a comprehensive programme of instrumental music
  • investing in our facilities to provide a breadth of musical opportunities for learning

Image of student during choir practice - St George's School Windsor

Great community: Belonging, engagement and service

St George’s School is part of the College of St George and also part of the broader Windsor community. We greatly value and wish to strengthen the ties we share with our near neighbours and the world around us.
We want our pupils to understand, from the safety of their place in school, that they too are members of – and must participate in – that wider world.

To develop this sense of community and citizenship we plan to:

  • Create and sustain broader ties with former pupils, families and staff
  • Provide enhanced opportunities for community outreach
  • Further develop our role as an integral part of the College of St George

Great Support: Stewardship and Governance

It is important that our staff and the parents of our pupils have complete confidence in the governance of our school. To this end we will continually review best practice in the oversight and stewardship of our educational institution. In this way we can ensure that St George’s School meets its strategic aims. Specifically we will provide:

  • Strong financial management
  • A long-term facilities plan for our estate
  • Sound recruitment, training and retention of highest quality staff
  • Effective marketing initiatives to ensure as many pupils as possible can benefit from the education we offer
  • Effective communication with our pupil’s families
  • Ongoing review of our governance, practice and personnel
St George’s School aims to be a caring, happy and stimulating community where ambitious academic success, excellent pastoral care and a rich breadth of opportunities combine to provide a first class education for every pupil.
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