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St George’s is a registered charity with an overarching aim to ‘enhance the education of ALL children’.

Our long-term ambition is to develop, sustain and promote an enduring partnership with other schools which will benefit staff and pupils, as well as the wider community. Our aim is for the partnership to be ‘mutually beneficial’ for all, and for all parties to collaborate and learn from each other through a rich professional learning community.

Through discussion we will promote shared values and objectives and define clear benefits and equal value for all partners. The Partnership will be based on mutual respect, trust and understanding, and above all, a commitment to progressive educational debate

We hope the Partnership will enhance the skills and knowledge of all the pupils involved, preparing them for the future workplace and global opportunities.  The more interaction our students have with the community, the more varied their experiences, which adds to a rich learning journey.

Schools in Partnership will be made up of many different schools across phases and types. We will work together to offer an enhanced opportunity to all pupils across the network.

It is envisaged that Partner schools will look to share facilities and resources, such as swimming and sports facilities, theatres, and science labs, as the programme develops, subject to availability.

By becoming a member, you may also offer your expertise or facilities to other schools in the group wherever it is possible to do so, helping to create a pool of resources across the region to assist in providing opportunity to every child. Whilst this is not an expectation and it is understood that there will be limitations in availability, finance and time, if we work together many obstacles can be overcome through a shared common goal.



Become a Partnership School

Thank you for considering joining our partnership group of schools. To find out more about Schools in Partnership, contact [email protected] or click here to complete our registration form and we will contact you to arrange a face-to-face visit to discuss our shared focus and collaborative goals.

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Thank you for considering joining our partnership group of schools. Please click here to download and complete our registration form.

“Our long term ambition is to develop, sustain and promote a long lasting partnership with schools in the Windsor area​.”

Richard Wilson

St George's School Windsor Castle