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Vision to 2025

See Tomorrow Grow

We are delighted to share our vision for the future of St George’s School Windsor Castle.

Our society is changing at a pace that will see today’s children entering a new world of university and work, many undertaking courses and jobs that don’t yet exist.

Education needs to be progressive, dynamic and relevant to prepare pupils more appropriately for the 21st Century and beyond, enabling children to be positive contributors to life and fully prepared to embrace the opportunities and challenges that will break down geographic and cultural borders like never before.

With this in mind, we have been working on an ambitious vision for education at St George’s. Alongside an innovative new curriculum, significant focus and investment will see extended opportunities for all pupils in our beautiful campus, developing an exceptional educational environment where all pupils thrive.

Coeducation has been a central part of a St George’s education since 1996 and our unwavering aim remains to offer exceptional educational opportunities for girls and boys both within and beyond the classroom.

Our vision for St George’s encompasses four key elements:

  1. Transformational Learning
  2. Wellbeing: mind and body
  3. Music and Creative Arts
  4. Community: Windsor Castle and beyond


Our strategy was unveiled in July 2019 and still remains at the forefront of our thinking.  As we emerge with ambition from the pandemic, our desire for a new of way of thinking has strengthened. In April 2021 we launched our cohesive learner journey for girls and boys aged 3-13. 

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”.


If you would like to discuss these changes in further detail, please contact Shelley Wall to arrange an appointment with the Head Master.

Email: [email protected]