Educational visits are an integral part of the learning experience for students at St George’s and during the course of the year students enjoy a variety of day trips to historic sites, farms, museums, theatres and galleries.

Image of students on a field trip - St George's School Windsor

As a proud member school of Round Square, adventure sits right at the heart of our educational journey. Residential experiences are proven to develop powerful skills such as collaboration, problem solving, communication as well as securing confidence and a growth mindset.

Students in Year 4 and 5 undertake a residential trip at the end of the summer term, where they are gently nurtured out of their comfort zone. In Year 6, our students go on a PGL adventure trip, where, in addition to a raft of engaging activities, they are challenged to think for themselves, help one another and achieve something they didn’t feel they might be able to.

In Years 7 and 8, students spend a week in the far north-west coast of Scotland at the Ridgway Adventure Centre, where they pursue the John Muir Award. The final night is spent on ‘survival island’ and involves the groups navigating complex decisions and tasks. In alternate years, the group will spend a week in Spain on an adventure course.