A positive, proactive and trusting relationship between the school and our families is paramount in ensuring the happiness and success of every child’s learning and wellbeing experience at St George’s. We pride ourselves on our sense of community and the rapport we build with our parent body, as well as the unwavering dedication shown by our parents to engage in all areas of school life.

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St George’s Parent Portal is a secure online access point for parents to view information relating to their child or children at St George’s, including activities bookings, account balances and contact details. The Portal helps us to reduce the amount of paper we send home from school and helps us to lessen our environmental footprint.

Toddle is an interactive platform for reporting, calendar management, updates and information.  It enables greater two-way communication between parents and teachers and provides a repository for end of term reports, which are uploaded to Toddle for parents to view. As our main method of communication, we encourage parents to check Toddle regularly.

Details of how to access both Toddle and the Parent Portal are shared with parents as their child joins the school. Any current parents requiring assistance are welcome to contact the school office: [email protected].


Parents’ group

The Parents’ Group is a small team of parent volunteers that plays a vital role here at St George’s. Its annual calendar of events aims to bring everyone at the school together in a fun and relaxed way, whilst raising money for charity and important school projects. They provide the social glue that helps us maintain the friendly and collaborative atmosphere that everyone here at St George’s is so proud of.

In recent years, proceeds from Parent’s Group initiatives have been donated to charities including Thames Hospice, School in a Bag and Action for Children, as well as contributing to some fantastic additional facilities around the school, such as our sports pavilion in Home Park Private.

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