Our highly acclaimed contemporary framework links knowledge, skills and mindset – a golden triangle which equips students with the ambition, curiosity and a thirst for learning to understand global challenges and opportunities.

From a very young age, critical thinking skills are introduced, alongside the freedom to express ideas and thoughts. Being a courageous learner and having the skills to listen to the views of others make up our unique learner journey.

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Our personal experience of GCSEs and A levels and more recent reading on the subject led us to believe that the IB is a far superior route and offers fantastic opportunities for joined up learning and investigative study which is what he will need to reach his full potential in life.
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St George’s Parent
At Wellington College, we strive to create an atmosphere which encourages every pupil, teacher and parent to believe that anything is possible. It seems to me that St George’s innovative new curriculum, with its emphasis on knowledge, rigour and problem solving, is ideally suited to equip pupils with the independence of mind to move confidently forwards and thrive at their senior schools – just as so many good St Georgians have already done with us at Wellington.
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James Dahl Master, Wellington College