We understand the importance of ensuring that the use of technology is an essential part, and adds value to, every student’s learning.

Every student from Years 3-8 is issued with a Chromebook which enhances their learning both within, and outside of, the classroom.

In Digital Learning lessons the students are taught vital skills such as:

  • How to create a presentation
  • How to create and use spreadsheets
  • How to create a movie
  • How to make a stop motion animation

These lessons also include E-Safety work and every year group learns a different element of E-Safety each year.

Programming is a key part of the digital learning programme. In Years 1-6 students follow Espresso Discovery Coding. Students create their own games and apps and learn important vocabulary associated with coding such as algorithm and variable. They also learn to code using Scratch and Kodu. In Years 7 and 8 students use programs such as Code Academy which is an introduction to computer languages such as HTML, Python and Ruby.


Please click the link below for some useful advice on keeping children safe online.