Engagement with parents sits at the heart of our aim to foster an environment of high performance. Within our curriculum framework, parents are encouraged to become fully involved in their child’s learning process, and the school works closely with them to achieve the best outcomes for every student.

Full, written reports are provided at the end of each term, with room for student reflections. Specific targets are provided to enable the students to progressively raise their performance.

In addition, each term parents are invited to spend time in their child’s classroom to look over their work and share in their progress.

Parent Teacher meetings are held in Autumn and Spring. In Years 7 and 8, students lead their meetings to foster a sense of self-regulation.

Student progress is monitored at all times by the teacher, head of faculty and the learning enrichment team. Standardised testing is undertaken twice a year, and whilst it contributes to the overall picture, much more thorough is the day-to-day monitoring and encouragement given by the teachers to every student.

Rather than using terms like ‘ability’ and ‘potential’, both of which compartmentalise students into predetermined groups, we refer to student progress as performance. By fostering a highly ambitious environment where every student can achieve at a high level, we are not limiting their success. Rather than judge a student against their peers, their performance is judged against their own prior performance, thus providing them the stimulus to set their own high targets.