Celebrated authors inspire students on World Book Day

Mar 8, 2024 | News, Pre-Prep School, Prep School, Senior-Prep School

Students at St George’s School Windsor Castle enjoyed visits from two acclaimed authors during their World Book Day celebrations this year.  

Award-winning illustrator and author, Petr Horáček, led three workshops for the school’s youngest students, inspiring the children from Kindergarten to Year 4 with interactive tales from his childhood and explaining how his experiences had contributed to the stories in his books. He then led Years 1 and 2 in creating a giant collage of artwork, with each child developing a unique character to add to the background he had painted. 

One of Horáček’s books, Blue Penguin, struck a particular chord with Year 2 children who had extensively researched the birds after adopting a penguin at Christmas. One Year 2 student, Harvey, was excited to tell the author what he had discovered: “I could tell him a lot of things about the blue penguin. I knew it was from New Zealand and it is the smallest penguin in the world. It can even fit inside a shoe box!” 

The school’s older children attended talks with Rupert Attlee.  Describing his extensive travels across the rugged landscapes of Patagonia, Attlee used a series of images of his experience to illustrate how he developed his books on the subject, exploring the elements of plot, character and setting.  In addition to inspiring the students’ future creative writing, he instilled a sense of adventure through his many anecdotes.

Beyond World Book Day, St George’s continues to champion reading throughout the year with regular whole school reading sessions and a wide range of books to choose from across the three school libraries. To help inspire their future choices, the children made book recommendation postcards on the day, sharing descriptions of their favourite books with their friends.