This was a very special day and a ‘first’ in the life of the School when children from Year 2 to Year 8 came together to learn about the vast scale of environmental damage being done to our planet, and to raise the children’s awareness of what needs to be done during the course of their lifetime. They were divided into four vertical groups and took part in a carousel of cross-curricular activities – the aim was for each child to have fun doing very practical tasks which made them think about and discuss how humans are damaging the environment, and ways in which they can make a difference within their school community. It was a great opportunity for children in different year groups to work collaboratively towards a common goal. The swimming pool simulated an ocean awash with plastic, the DT Room was used to create a giant collage of thousands of recycled milk bottle lids, and the children were outside to learn about lichen as nitrogen-loving organisms and therefore good indicators of air pollution. An environment themed song has been recorded as backing music to the video made of the day, which will also feature poetry written to highlight the importance of protecting our planet.

St George's School Windsor