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Guest Speakers

Wednesday, 8 July

Oscar winning actor, ex-director of the Globe Theatre, theatre legend and star of the BFG-Sir Mark Rylance talks to us about his career, acting and gives some wonderful advice for anyone who loves the creative arts especially during this difficult time.

Monday, 6 July

Philip Sheppard is an English composer, producer, cellist, inventor, public speaker, philanthropist, professor at the Royal Academy of Music and creative innovator​. He has arranged music for films, TV, Video games and the Olympics. Watch his assembly which has an amazing message.

Friday, 3 July

Steve Oakes is a former teacher and founder of the VESPA Mindset principle. In this podcast, he speaks to Mr Wilson about how children, schools and parents can help foster a positive mindset in their pupils and some strategies that can help them achieve this. Click here to listen.

Monday, 29 June

This week Mr Wilson spoke to Andy Cope the children’s author whose books include the SpyDog series. Known as Dr Happy, Andy is respected internationally for his views on happiness and mental health.

Monday, 22 June

This week, Mr Wilson interviewed Dr Kathy Weston regarding resilience in children, mental wellbeing in this current time and how parents can support themselves and their children when returning to school.
Dr Kathy Weston is one of the national experts on parental engagement in children’s lives and learning. Educated at Cambridge University as a criminologist, she spent five years studying the dynamics of coping and resilience in the face of adversity as part of her doctoral research. Currently, she works as an education researcher and motivational speaker in the area of parenting, education and family life. She translates research into practical tips and parents can “try and apply” easily, within the context of busy family life.

Monday, 22 June

As this week is National Cricket Week, Mr Wilson spoke to three professional cricketers, Oliver Soames, Tom Alsop and Ajeet Dale, from Hampshire CCC about their careers and coaching tips for our pupils.

Monday, 15 June

This week Mr Wilson interviews Mrs Jo Milne who was born with Usher Syndrome. Hear her inspirational story as she talks about overcoming being born profoundly deaf, hearing for the first time at the age of 39 and how she is now facing the prospect of losing her sight. This is well worth a watch.

Monday, 8 June

This week’s guest speakers are leadership experts and motivational speakers Mr Drew Povey and Mr Paul McGee.  Drew is a leadership expert and ex headteacher and Paul is a Sunday Times best selling author and is internationally renowned. Here they speak to Mr Wilson about education, leadership, well being and share expert advice in these troubling times. Listen to Mr Drew Povey and Mr Paul McGee.

Thursday, 4 June

Trevor MacKenzie is an award winning Canadian author, educator and speaker who champions inquiry based learning in/and out of the classroom. Here he speaks to Mr Wilson about inquiry based learning, inspiring wonderment and discovery in children and how Education must change after the current Covid crisis. Click here to listen.

Monday, 1 June

Mr Wilson interviewed Geoff Thomas, former Crystal Palace Captain and England International. Geoff talks about his career as a footballer and his battle with Leukaemia. This is an inspirational story of one man’s fight for life and subsequent fundraising story. Click here to listen.

Monday, 18 May

Matt Eagles talks to Mr Wilson about living with Parkinsons, disability awareness and overcoming challenges. This inspirational Podcast is well worth a listen. Click here to listen

Monday, 11 May

Mr Wilson spoke to Dave Kitson about his career in football, his application to become the new PFA chief executive and many other interesting themes in the second of the St George’s Podcast series. Click here to listen.

Monday, 4 May

Mr Wilson speaks to Jane Dawson. Click here to listen.

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