Senior School Production – ‘Smike the Musical’

Jul 20, 2016 | News Archive

There have been many highlights of this term, not least of which was the production of ‘Smike’. Based on Dickens’ story of Nicholas Nickleby, the show follows the challenges and trials of a young teacher who takes his class back in time to perform the story. With the recognisable Dickensian characters of Mr and Mrs Squeers and the boys of Dootheboy’s Hall (in Yorkshire!!) and a score of memorable songs, the show is a tremendous hit and this proved to be the case with two enthusiastic audiences enjoying the performances in the Farrer Theatre during the final week of term. The production of ‘Smike’ was great success, and we were delighted to welcome to the Theatre the show’s writer and composer, Simon May, who also joined us as our special guest on Speech Day.