On Monday Year 5 stepped back in time to April 1912 and arrived in school dressed up as a passenger or crew member from the Titanic. As they boarded the Titanic at 8:15am their day was filled with Titanic-based lessons. In Maths the children were measuring the size of an iceberg that was floating in a fish tank of water. They were then given a plastic bottle and had to make a boat ‘unsinkable’ by using rivets to make it stronger. English took on the form of persuasive language and the children had to fight for their place on the lifeboat by presenting to their peers why their character should be saved. They found out at the end of the lesson whether their character had been given a place or had sadly not survived. After break, ballroom dance lessons! The children were learning to waltz and had to dance with a partner to a short routine. They were fabulous and were great sports at giving this a go. During the afternoon the children made IMovie’s, giving an argument as to who they think was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic. After a busy days work it was snack time, the third class passengers were not happy with their cracker as the first class passengers tucked into their yummy chocolate biscuits in front of them! A fabulous day with wonderful costumes and lots of cross-curricular learning.

St George's School Windsor

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