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As they say in the music and film industry, ‘Well that’s all, folks!’ We can all look forward to the finished product in a few months. The chamber choir have excelled themselves and I don’t just mean with their singing - they have been outstanding ambassadors for St George’s. https://t.co/nbuvAUZ7jM stgwindsor photo

Day 4 - The chamber choir recorded with great determination last night. Today they enjoyed learning about life in Wales 100 years ago at St Fagan’s museum. Tonight they record the final pieces for the CD - it is sounding stunning in the cathedral! https://t.co/6YxetykT6l stgwindsor photo

More photos from today - it only allows me to upload four per tweet! https://t.co/GXJCk8USqp stgwindsor photo

The chamber choir rehearsed this morning followed by a trip to the Welsh College of Music and Drama. They were treated to a tour then an inspirational talk and a surprise performance by the very talented college brass band with an array of percussion accompaniment! https://t.co/Qow0ow97aM stgwindsor photo

The first recording session went extremely well for the chamber choir. The children were very professional and enjoyed being accompanied by the amazing Jazz Trio band. The children have benefitted from a good night’s sleep and they are looking forward to a day out. https://t.co/PLQO060luU stgwindsor photo

The Chamber Choir sang beautifully this morning at Llandaff Cathedral during 11am Mass. The Dean warmly welcomed both pupils and parents and was very complimentary of the ‘jazz’ feel to the repertoire! https://t.co/214SjVH5QE stgwindsor photo


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