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Twitter Feed

Welcome back to school everyone! It is great to hear the corridors full of laughter and excitement once again. https://t.co/pqanUe3hIN stgwindsor photo

Together we made it work. Thank you to the entire school community. #alwaysSTG #itsallaboutthecommunity https://t.co/8sDS2ugKos stgwindsor photo

Thank you to @mattlarsendaw, Education Manager for WWF-UK, for talking to STG about climate, biodiversity and sustainability, as well as giving us some fascinating facts about krill! https://t.co/PIgHMhCUYc #makegoodchoices https://t.co/snAhRWG7um stgwindsor photo

Dr Danny Kinka @americanprairie is one of America's leading ecologists and wildlife experts. In this podcast from Montana he talks about his fascinating role, 'rewilding' and the steps humans can take to save the planet. https://t.co/PIgHMhCUYc https://t.co/LaKx0gOJtt stgwindsor photo

The PM has announced that schools will return on 8 March. Children have shown fortitude, courage and selflessness throughout the last year, and we can’t wait to get them all back in just 9 working days’ time. https://t.co/ZKFMxB564M stgwindsor photo

And the Head Master realised his dream to skate in an empty(ish) school. (The outtakes are quite terrifying) https://t.co/x3KGId2mYw