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Reception children are very excited as they get ready for the dress rehearsal of their Christmas play - 'The Innkeeper's Breakfast'. #ChristmasIsComing #Nativity https://t.co/yG4hpx59Ke stgwindsor photo

Are the children in Pre-Prep dreaming of a white Christmas? Only 23 days to go to find out! https://t.co/099H9T8kee stgwindsor photo

The Year 2 classrooms are looking amazing with some wonderful nativity scenes the children have made out of clay. https://t.co/gzvHcaSRS9 stgwindsor photo

A brilliant chat with the new Head from @LuckleyHouse. She is switched on and ambitious for a great school, and I am delighted we have strong links. Focused on the benefits of Years 7 and 8 at Prep School, Luckley gives a cohesive learner journey from @stgwindsor.

Christmas is coming! Today children in Reception are dressing up as the Jolly Postman’s helpers. https://t.co/hv3cRatbOF stgwindsor photo

The Kindergarten Bees love kicking up the leaves and making the most of the garden! https://t.co/sgjGt0FOlD stgwindsor photo