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Monday’s challenge will be based around paper aeroplanes, thanks to inspiration from @HPLedu. Hone your paper aeroplane building skills this weekend, and more on Monday morning. Warning - it contains Maths! @psbacc
Enjoy the weekend, and all our love from @stgwindsor.

Daisy’s tiles - wow, what imaginative work. Well done - these will look lovely on our ‘united collage’. https://t.co/3ZnKsTE4Ia stgwindsor photo

Brilliant way to use the garden... well done Freddie - an excellent grip and stance! I hope the kitchen window is still intact? https://t.co/tygzu6IFQM stgwindsor photo

Friday’s check in. Have a lovely weekend, all.

Listen to Friday update by STGWINDSOR #np on #SoundCloud https://t.co/ypS0geQPkD

Today’s track, in celebration of Andrew Lloyd Webber making his shows freely available for download, and one of the most important of human attributes: ‘Love’.