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Located at the heart of the school, our comfortable boarding house provides weekly (Sunday or Monday-Thursday night) and flexi boarding opportunities for girls and boys from Year 4 upwards and is term-time home for the Chapel Choristers who are students at the School.

Jonny and Ally Onions have been House Parents at St George’s since September 2015. They have two young sons, Jonty and Ludo, who are both students at the school, and a standard poodle, Olive, who is the school wellbeing dog. Their residential boarding team also includes an Assistant House Parent, a Matron, and four Graduate Assistants.

The boarding ethos is firmly based on the themes of Friendship, Adventure and Independence. The welfare of each boarder is paramount and there are opportunities for boarders to develop independence and collaborative skills through participation in a range of activities both inside and outside the school.

After school has finished for the day, there are a variety of additional evening activities available after supper for boarding pupils. 


Flexi-boarding is fast becoming a popular option for pupils and parents. It provides an opportunity for children to experience boarding in a safe and familiar environment, especially when boarding at their future senior school is being considered as an option.

Boarding provides an invaluable experience in a child’s development; boys and girls learn to share their time, talents and possessions and the ability to live together in a community learning basic but important skills in familiar surroundings is a sound basis for their future education and develops skills for life.

If you are already a St George’s parent and would like to book a night of boarding for your child, please contact the House Parents:

[email protected]

This is Olive, our school dog. She is a standard poodle, and is still just a puppy (although growing fast!)

Olive enjoys being in and around school, meeting students and staff, when she is out and about or in her base in the Wellbeing Hub. AS Olive gets older, she will be in school more and more, and is a very important member of the Wellbeing Team. She lives with Mr& Mrs Onions and their family.

“Boarders speak warmly of their boarding experience and show off their house with pride and enthusiasm.”


ISI 2016

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A spot of agility training for Olive this evening with @stgwindsor boarders weave poles next!! https://t.co/Cp1C7y34WT stgboarding photo