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Teaching and learning at St George’s is characterised by its broad and academically rigorous curriculum, its keen and interested pupils and its committed staff.

A typical day for a St George’s pupil might include: producing an animated film in Computing; writing a poem in rhyming couplets inspired by Roald Dahl in English; carrying out an experiment in Science; and playing hockey or rugby against another school.

Special hands-on events, such as the recent Environment Day, provide an opportunity for pupils in different year groups to work collaboratively towards a common goal:

“Pupils engage with their tasks with great enjoyment and well-organised application. Their entirely positive approach to learning contributes substantially to their excellent achievement.”

ISI 2016

Learning environments vary from the modern, purpose-built Lower School, to the state-of-the-art, well-equipped Science labs, to the stunning playing fields in Home Park, to the more traditional classrooms, all of which are fully equipped with interactive white boards. All our pupils find areas of the curriculum in which they can succeed at a high level. Pupil progress is carefully monitored to ensure that pupils achieve their full potential. Communication between school and home is frequent and supportive. Pupils move from class to class with a genuine thirst for knowledge.

Our staff are well qualified and resourceful, enabling our pupils to undertake an effective learning journey between the ages of 3 and 13.

“Pupils progress rapidly because of the well-pitched and challenging teaching that they receive.”

ISI 2016

Our Co-curricular Programme