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Art & Technology

“There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot but there are others who transform a yellow spot into the sun.”

Pablo Picasso

The Art Department plays a vital role in the development of creativity in pupils at St George’s. The Art Room is a lively space where children employ a wide range of techniques and media for artistic expression, including drawing, printing, textiles, painting, sculpture and pottery.

Our pupils’ work is regularly displayed around the School and the variety of this work, and the very high standards achieved by the pupils, bear testimony to their enjoyment and success in the subject. Pupils are encouraged to explore new ideas, to experiment and to make artistic judgments about their work. In addition to timetabled lessons, there is a co-curricular programme allowing pupils to extend their Art experience, improve skills and, for some, to prepare for Art Scholarship submissions.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Steve Jobs

Design technology is a very popular subject; children like the decisions involved in practical work. They like creating products they can see, touch or taste for themselves, and feel proud of what they have achieved.

Pupils start lessons in our well-equipped DT room in Year 3 and carry on through to Year 8. Design Technology teaches children to be creative and to use their imagination; it helps them gain an understanding of materials and components, mechanisms and control systems; it teaches them to work with others, to appreciate the importance of health and safety, to persevere with tasks and to solve problems. It also teaches them how to use tools safely and effectively and to evaluate the results of their work in written form.

Food Technology has been taught in our purpose-built kitchen since June 2012.

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 are taught essential life skills and given culinary tips which they are able to practise under the careful supervision of Mrs McDade. Such is the popularity of the subject, it has been adopted as part of the co-curricular programme allowing pupils from Years 3 – 8 to benefit.

The skills developed in these three subjects reinforce other aspects of learning across the curriculum.

Art and Technology News

“Every kid in every school no matter their background, deserves to learn the basics about food – where it comes from, how to cook it and how it affects their bodies. These life skills are as important as reading and writing…”

Jamie Oliver