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The Humanities Department at St George’s makes full use of the unique and beautiful setting in which it sits.

Pupils are encouraged, through a range of topics, to appreciate the awe-inspiring Castle that towers above us, the breathtaking St George’s Chapel and the stunning grounds of the Home Park.

Through the teaching of Humanities, pupils leave St George’s with an understanding of the history of Britain and its place within the wider world.

Fieldwork plays an important role in the Humanities syllabus and Geography is frequently taught in the outside classroom and school grounds.

Although our Christian heritage forms an integral part of the Humanities work in Religious Studies, pupils are encouraged to be open-minded and tolerant towards other faiths and beliefs. Irrespective of their religious background, we nurture the social, moral and spiritual development of all our pupils.

Our aim is to instil in our pupils the ability to discuss and evaluate contemporary, historical, geographical and religious issues, whilst, at the same time, the skills to reflect on past events to help them understand progression and development.

“Religious Study expands our knowledge of the world through respectful dialogues, deepens our understanding of self through serious inquiries, and strengthens our appreciation of each other through the study of different faith traditions.”

Father Lee