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Performing Arts

At St George’s we recognise the need to develop the whole personality and children’s imaginations especially, and we encourage all our pupils to see playing and performing as part and parcel of school life. The House Music Competition involves every House member from the Reception class to Year 8, and regular informal concerts performed by individual music pupils demonstrate the wealth of musical talent at the school. During the course of the school year every child in the school is involved one or more drama productions. Drama promotes language development and its collaborative nature provides opportunities for pupils to develop key skills of communication, teamwork and self-assertion. Pupils develop confidence when speaking and their vocabulary is extended when they adopt roles and characters.

Opportunities to perform start with role play in the Nursery and class assemblies in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Every child is involved in the Christmas production which showcases their singing, dancing and acting talents. Pupils in Years 3 and 4 have a weekly drama lesson within the curriculum; lessons tie into the class Reading and History topics where possible. All students take part in a rehearsed scripted play which is performed to parents in the Lent term. In Years 5 – 8 pupils are offered optional LAMDA classes and examinations as a co-curricular activity; many go on to take advantage of these and there is a showcase of their work every year. At the end of the Trinity term pupils in Years 5 – 8 take part in an impressive, large school musical production presented at the 400 seat Farrer Theatre in Eton. This is a collaboration between the Drama and Music departments, involving a full cast and orchestra; a highlight of the Performing Arts year.

School concerts and productions all help to produce confident young people who are able to project an opinion, to perform or to listen to what others have to say; important skills to take with them as they move on to their future schools.


Ballet lessons are offered as a co-curricular activity and are available to children from Nursery upwards. They follow the internationally recognised Royal Academy of Dance syllabus under the supervision of Miss Laura Longato, a Registered Teacher with the RAD who has over 8 years teaching experience.