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Pastoral Care

St George’s School takes pride in being a happy and caring community in which the welfare of each child comes first and all members are valued and respected. Fundamental to this are the good working relationships built up between our children, staff and parents.

From Kindergarten to Year 5 (ages 3 – 10), pupil development and well-being is closely monitored by the class teacher. In Years 6 – 8 (ages 10 – 13) the Form Tutor meets with pupils on a daily basis.

The House system is made up of four Houses who formally meet every other week, creating opportunities for pupils to mix across a broader age range, become ‘buddies’, take on specific House responsibilities and share personal achievements. The mentoring scheme, in which Year 8 pupils are assigned to specific class groups, affords another level of interaction for these pupils in the process of their social development.

In the Boarding House, pupils are able to discuss a whole range of topics and issues with the House Parents, the Matrons or the Resident Boarding Assistant.

Assemblies and PSHE lessons do much to address some of the complex issues which children face in today’s society and they are encouraged to talk to an adult about anything that may be concerning them.

The Pastoral Committee meets weekly and is made up of colleagues from across the whole school. This Committee is chaired by the Assistant Head (Pastoral) who is also one of the School’s Designated Senior Leads (Child Protection):

Miss L Squire (Assistant Head – Pastoral)

Mrs E Adriano (Assistant Head – Lower School)

Mr J Onions (House Parent)

“The school’s pastoral committee monitors pupils’ well-being extremely well and ensures that pupils receive excellent support to meet their pastoral needs.”

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