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School Day

TimeLower School Day PupilsUpper School Day PupilsBoarding Pupils*Choristers
 Nursery-Year 3Years 4-8Years 4-8 
7.05  Instrumental Practice
7.35  Breakfast
Early Morning Care (not for Nursery)
Upper School opens 
Lower School opens. Registration for Year 3
Registration for Years 4 to 8Chorister rehearsal
8.30Registration for Reception, Years 1&2Choir Practice or Form time 
8.30Morning Nursery beginsAssembly, House Meetings or PSHE 
9.10 Period 1
10.10 Period 2
11.05-11.35 Break and Snack
11.30Morning Nursery ends   
11.40 Period 3a
11.50Lunch – Reception to Year 3 
12.20 Period 3b
12.50Afternoon Nursery begins 
13.00Lessons resume for Reception, Years 1&2   
12.55-13.50 Lunch – Years 3 – 8
13.50 Afternoon Registration
14.00 Period 4
15.00Full Day Nursery – End of Day
15.00-15.55 Period 5
15.10Reception End of Day 
15.20Year 1 End of Day 
15.30Afternoon Nursery/Year 2 End of Day 
15.30-17.45After School Care available  
15.55Year 3 End of DayYears 4-8 ends/Snack
16.10-17.00 Early Prep/ActivitiesChoristers rehearse
17.15-18.00   Evensong
17.00-17.45 Late Prep/Activities 
17.45End of After School CareEnd of School Day 
18.00  Supper
18.30  Prep/instrumental practice
19.00  Junior activities
19.30  Senior activities
20.00  Boarding House
20.30-21.00  Staggered bedtimes

St George's School Windsor

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