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A Brief History of the St George’s School Association

Founded in 1907 as the St George’s School, Windsor Castle, Old Boys’ Club, it became necessary, with the advent of girl pupils into St George’s School, to alter the Club’s name, and in June 2000 the A.G.M. voted in favour of a new title: The St George’s School, Windsor Castle, Association.

This Association now includes all girls and boys who are past pupils (with appropriately paid up subscriptions), and also considers for membership members of staff of at least five years standing, if they are proposed by the Head Master. In the same way long-serving members of the non-teaching staff of the School – matrons, bursarial and secretarial staff, and domestic staff are considered for membership, after appropriate proposals. Others, not directly linked with the School, may be considered for election to Honorary Membership, if they are deemed to have supported the objectives of the Association to a marked degree. People who could qualify in this respect might typically be Deans in office, past members of the Governing Body of the School, School solicitors, School doctors, and those who have been influential as Chairmen or Chairwomen of Appeals on behalf of the School.

The purposes of the Association are twofold:

a) to encourage members to keep in touch with each other and with the School; and

b) to give support to the School and its Headmaster whenever possible.

The Association seeks to keep members informed of their erstwhile fellows by providing an annual Chronicle of news, and by keeping an up-to-date list of members’ addresses.

The Headmaster is, ex officio, the only Vice-President of the Association, and in this capacity he invites the membership to return to the School once a year during the Summer Term, when matches are played between School teams and teams raised by the Association. On this day also a Memorial Service is held for past and present members of the School in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, followed by an Annual General Meeting of the Association, and a dinner.

Other events, linking present pupils with past pupils, may be organised, and notice of these will duly be given.

The Association is run by a Committee which comprises a President, a Vice-President (the Headmaster), an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer, and three ordinary members.

The Association is very mindful of its need to support the School financially whenever surplus funds permit. In recent years it has helped with the purchase of a minibus, pianos, piano stools, and music stands. Sums of money for School prizes have also been provided together with funds for the mounting for display of a Windsor Herald’s tabard, the proofing against damage of a large painting of a chorister, as well as raising £160,000 towards the appeal for the extension of School buildings.

Picture of a window in St George's Chapel commemorating those members of St George's School who gave their lives in the two World Wars.

The picture shows a window in St George’s Chapel commemorating those members of St George’s School who gave their lives in the two World Wars.