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Association Items For Sale

Members of the Association might like to know that the following items of St George’s interest are available for purchase.

Association ties – silk £15.00

Association Centenary ties – silk £15.00

Association favours (bows) – silk £10.00

Choirs and Cloisters, by Freddie Hodgson £10.00

A Celebration for Freddie Hodgson (CD) £7.00

A Celebration for Freddie Hodgson (CD) £7.00

Holy is the True Light (CD) recorded for the Association Centenary £11.00

Holy is the True Light (CD) recorded for the Association Centenary £11.00

Headmaster – Reflections on life at St George’s School Between 1971 and 1983, by Richard Russell £1.25

Carven Arches
Part 1 of a history of St. George’s School (up to 1930), as related in School Magazines and School archives (edited by Richard Russell, C.V.O.) £6.20

Soaring Vault
Part 2 of a School History (1930 to 1950), as related in School Magazines and School archives (edited by Richard Russell, C,V.O.) £6.20

Storied Banner
Part 3 of a School History (1950-1980), as related in School Magazines and School archives (edited by Richard Russell, C.V.O.) £6.20

In High Remembrance
This is a new part of the History and is a little different from the first three volumes.

It comprises three parts:
Part 1. The History of the Association
Part 2. The Exham Centenary describing the memories of four generations of the Exham family in relation to St George’s School.
Part 3. The School History from 1980 to 2007, following on from Carven Arches, Soaring Vault and Storied Banner.

All 4 books as a set £24.00

Orders for these items should be accompanied by a cheque (including an additional £1.50 p&p per item) made payable to The St George’s School, Windsor Castle, Association and should be addressed to:-

The Assistant Bursar, (Brian Hooker), St George’s School, Windsor Castle, Berkshire SL4 1QF

or sent by e-mail using the subject line “StGA Order” to

Vermilion, Sage and Ecru
Richard Russell, Headmaster at St George’s School from 1971 to 1983, has written his autobiography, which is entitled VERMILION, SAGE AND ECRU.

If you are interested in ordering a copy (price £12.50), please email

Below is a synopsis of the fourteen chapters.

Chapter 1.
Parentalia, Malaya, South Africa. Back to England.
Chapter 2.
Schooldays, Moffats, Music, Malvern, Cricket, Ireland, Germany, The Coronation, J.W. Hearne.
Chapter 3.
National Service, Catterick, Jordan, Desert, Petra, Bovington, T.E. Lawrence.
Chapter 4.
Cambridge, Choosing a Tripos, University life, C.S. Lewis, F.R. Leavis, Book hunting, The Appointments Board.
Chapter 5.
Cheam School, Teaching, A guard dog, F.P. Beck, The Prince of Wales, Spain, Cricket in Portugal, The Factory House, A long drive, Marriage, Looking for a new job.
Chapter 6.
St George’s School (1), Old Bank House, Miss Blondin, W.P.O. Cleave, The School Play.
Chapter 7.
St George’s School (2), Advancement, Magazines and Editorials, The Headmaster’s life, Gilbert and Sullivan.
Chapter 8.
St George’s School (3), Holidays in Southwold, The Greek experience.
Chapter 9.
St George’s School (4), The Royal visit, and an Honour.
Chapter 10.
St George’s School (5) Holidays, The French experience.
Chapter 11.
Elstree School (1), Time for change, Back to teaching, a new hip and a revision, Another newspaper, A Roman holiday. Varied interests. Family, Aunt Molly and Genealogy.
Chapter 12.
Elstree School (2), More about music, J du Pré, Holidays – the Greek experience, a Spanish police station.
Chapter 13.
Retirement, Bray, Singapore 1995, New Zealand.
Chapter 14.
Bray, Jock Birney, Friends and neighbours, Links with Windsor, Occupations, Hobbies and Art.

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