After a comprehensive review of the needs of education in the future, we agreed on the following as our Vision, Mission and Values:


Students become Real World Ready


To ignite inquiry, instil a passion for learning and foster our Christian values. Through inspirational teaching, children develop the mindset and skills to navigate life’s opportunities and contribute to global society.


Kindness | Honesty | Courage

OUR commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Real World Ready means equipping young people with the mindset, attitude and courage to flourish in a truly global and interconnected world. Our students will have the opportunity to break down geographic and cultural borders like no generation before them, and therefore should grow up in a diverse environment. St George’s celebrates diversity in every sense and we will not stand still in complacency as the world around us moves at pace. Students, families and staff members should be welcomed and treated with dignity, respect and love, no matter their own identity.

Our pioneering curriculum develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through education that builds intercultural understanding and respect. We know that our young people will go on to shape the world, a society that represents a diverse landscape. It is in the spirit of this mission that we believe it a moral imperative to ensure our students and members of the school community embrace the full diversity of life.

Our community is special because of this and our strong message to members of the community is to call out injustice.


The vision, identity and ethos demonstrated by St George’s through their cohesive learner pathway embodies the innovation that we need to see in education. Today, it is not enough to simply prepare pupils for when they leave school. We know at Heathfield that pupils must be prepared for a global future, understanding the international outlook and opportunities that are available to them, and this begins during the Primary Years. Facilitating the true development of skills and knowledge within a creative, positive environment with the support of pupil’s wellbeing at its core is imperative in allowing young people to become independent, know themselves and, indeed ensure that they are Real World Ready.
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Sarah Wilson, Headmistress, Heathfield School Ascot