All St George’s students from Reception to Year 8 belong to one of four Houses:


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The House system

The House system offers an opportunity for students of all ages to interact, develop friendships and compete across the age groups. There are House matches in key areas of sport, including swimming, netball, football, cross-country and athletics, and other events such as an annual music competition, lunches and fundraising for charity events, all aimed at building a sense of belonging to a House. Cups are awarded for successes in major House competitions.

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Image of St Georges School building

House points

House points are awarded to students who live out the core values of the school. Students from Years 1-8 meet as a House every three weeks. Awards are presented to students who reach the milestones of 50, 100 and 150 House points, the latter earning them the pride of becoming part of the Platinum Club.

A sense of loyalty

Students feel a great sense of loyalty to their House and enjoy both the competition and the support generated by the House System.

St George’s students also benefit from a House system which nurtures a strong sense of identity and community in which achievements are recognised and rewarded.

Children at STG Awards day